Sheri is a leading short-term real estate consultant & interior decorator. As a former attorney & educator Sheri partners with clients to achieve maximum profits on VRBO, Airbnb & other markets.

Photo features A New Beginning Tiny Home built by Adam M. Lehman.

Why You Need Our Help

Homeowners: Turn Your Home Into Tax Free Income

Think you're financialy unable to own rental property? If you own a home then you probably already own rental property! You're just unaware of the gold mine you're living in. For example, in Tuscaloosa, Alabama Sheri rented her personal house to football fans a few weekends in one year. Sheri earned $2,000 per weekend for her4bd/2ba; 2200 sq. ft.; 1970's ranch house in a typical neighboorhood located 6 miles from the University of Alabama. Because Sheri followed the rental process she became a Super Host with Five Star reviews from every guest. Also, Sheri earned this income completely federal tax free! Sheri's your guide.

There's a little known tax exception for property owners who rent one house 14 days or less per year. The property can be the home you currently live in or a second home. VRBO & Airbnb are popular, but to succeed you need to be fully prepared. Sheri is available to TEACH YOU how to create an income stream in this lucrative market. Sheri also creates turnkey short-term rentals. Owners are thrilled with the side benefits of turning their personal homes into turnkey short-term rentals. Their homes are professionally decorated, cleaned and organized. To see more information of hiring Sheri click on the "Services" tab above.

Landlords: Transform With High Profit Short-terms

Past results along with current projections show the process can double or triple your rental income. Imagine gains exceeding far above the usual monthly profit of $200 to $400 on your rental properties. Carl accesses your property, inputs data, compares competition and then presents the evidence with spreadsheets to support why you will likely have improved business outcomes by converting to short-terms. Carl and Sheri collaborate to develop an action plan, budget and timeline for your project. Ready to launch the action plan? This duo, Carl and Sheri, are your dream team! To hire Carl click on the "Services" tab at the top. 

Other Services: Decorator or Home Inspector

Sheri and Carl come to each with other business services. Sheri is a home decorator, life coach, previously the consultant for The Tiny House Roadshow and in general the one you can count on to "get it all done" when a home needs to be show-ready. Sheri also enjoys working with clients' flower & vegetable gardens. 

Carl is a licensed home inspector, and owner of Home Forensics, LLC. In addition, Carl is licensed to conduct Buyer Inspections, Seller Pre-Listing Inspections, New Construction Pre-Drywall Inspections, Warranty Inspections, Maintenance Inspections, and Radon Measurements. Carl is a mechanical engineer. To hire either of these other services click on the "services" tab above.



Ronnie Whitaker - Realtor in Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Sheri Rouse does excellent work. She has good experience handling, marketing and advising others about short term rentals. In this fairly new exploding market I would recommend her highly.


Cheryl Pierce Gin -Receptionist in Diablo, California

My family spent 10 days at Sheri's tiny house. There's plenty of room even with our 17 & 18 yr. old. I cannot stress how timely Sheri gets back to you on any questions. She has much advice. Do yourself a favor step away from a hotel into the tiny house... you won't regret it!!!


Hunter Hodges - Attorney in Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Sheri's short term rental coaching β€‹is​ enlightening and effective. Her method provided me with a strategy for success in this popular market. Simply put, Sheri helps you get stuff done. As a result, my wife and I will launch our short term rental within a few weeks.


Sonja Catu - Deer Park, Texas

The view at Tiny House Lodge was so peaceful, Sheri's adorable dogs were so obiendient & her garden was awesome! The house was immaculately cleaned. The quality of the linens, including the towels, sheets and comforter, as well as the quality of the pots & pans, dishes and silverware were so appreciated. It's nice to prepare meals with quality cookware.


Judy Seale - Teacher Tuscaloosa, Alabama

The tiny house felt so much larger than I expected. It is so cute, well designed, clean & exceeded my expectations in every way! My children ages 9,11,16 & 18 stayed with me.  Sheri's done an incredible job. I'm one happy Mom!


Tanya Shock - Retired US Air Force lives in Michigan

Tiny House Lodge (THL) far exceeded expectations. It was comforting like a five star hotel. Sheri was very kind and hospitable. The THL is definitely a home away from home. We traveled to Alabama with another couple and the four of us were happy to find out the lodge could accommodate all of us.

Disclaimer: Results can vary from person to person and no guarantee of any specific result is being made. Sheri is not practicing as an attorney, accountant, professional financial advisor in consultations or advertising as such. This does not establish an attorney – client relationship.